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Item No.: CB-CW-1   Electric Water Cooling/Warming Mattress pad

Machine Color: Golden+White

Size: 40*18*18cm



Mattress Size: 

1)  70*180cm  

2)  140*180cm

Total G. W.: 4.5KGS

With the frequency conversion water cooling/warm mattress, it can be used both for summer and winter, Cool in summer, Warm in winter. 

The Cooling function is the same as the model CB-C-1. While the Warming function, the machine will be running at 800 W for warming up and 6W only for thermostating economically.  

Especially, Coolbuddy warm mattress can be a good replacement for traditional electric blanket. Coolbuddy mattress is safer, cheaper,financially cost saving than later one.

Meanwhile, Coolbuddy warming mattress can also be used as hot compress for patients suffering long time tired conidition.

Coolbuddy is CE certified water cooling mattress for sleeping environment on bed, sofas, tents etc.  It ensures the safety of the users by following

European safety standards.

EN 60335-2-66:2003/A2:2012 

EN 60335-1: 2012 

EN 62233: 2008

Coolbuddy V.S. Electric blanket

Why choose Coolbuddy?

1. More enviromental friendly and healthy

2. Energy saving and humidity, refused to be dry compare to A/C.

3. Convenience  and remote control

4. Three kinds of comfortable wind class, especially to be set by sleeping wind, good for baby

5. Physical therapy health care in winter, and hot compress, safe and no radiation, no circuit in the mattress

cooling/heating mattress

Cool in summer, warm in winter.  

Best choice for home using.


Cool or Warm?

As you wish.

Help you sleep better and saving energy


Energy saving

Frequency conversion

0 radiation

0 water absorbing

no noise

Sleep pro & Health Care

Magnetic Hot Compress easing the pains and fatigue on back;

Improve the metabolism and blood circulation

“Appointed hot compress by Taiwan Yuanshidian  Physical Therapy Orgnization”



Air+PTC heating & Cooling system

5 patented technology 

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