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How to keep warm outside in winter?
  • 30 Aug 2016

Wondering how to keep warm in frigid, soul-shattering temperatures? You're not alone. 

According to the National Weather Service, the "polar vortex" — scare quotes necessary — slamming into theU.S.might make for the coldest day in almost 20 years.
Since the warm carcass of a tauntaun probably isn't the most pragmatic look for office-going folks, trekking even briefly through single-digit and sub-zero temperatures can get to be pretty darn uncomfortable.
Don't worry though, friends. With plenty of unmerciful winter still ahead of us, here are a few practical, science-based tips for keeping warm:

1. Stay dry
In an interview with the Calgary Herald, globe-trotting adventurer Sharon Wood revealed her golden rule for keeping warm (and therefore alive) in less-than-kind wintry climates: "Don't get cold in the first place."
That's obvious, you say. But is it? The cold can sneak up on you, especially if you're tromping through icy puddles or sweating in that big parka. So stay dry, especially by dressing in layers. Backpacker recommends layering with a "synthetic, wicking base layer to pull the moisture off your skin." Then on top of that, you'll need a layer that insulates.Uniqlo's"Heat tech" base layers — tights, leggings, form-fitting undershirts, etc. — are lightweight, easy to throw on underneath your normal work clothes, and most importantly, keep you toasty with minimal discomfort. Try not to let cotton (which can absorb sweat) touch your skin, if you can help it.

2. Protect your core
The average human core temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit; hypothermia occurs when body temp dips below 95 degrees. Obviously, keeping your torso insulated is the best thing you can do to keep the rest of you warm and humming along, especially if you pack on a few extra winter pounds.
For example, when people lose fingers, toes, and other extremities to frostbite, at work is one of the body's natural self-preservation systems: It simply stops sending blood out in order to protect the vital organs. So, as counterintuitive as it sou

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