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Some considerations in purchasing a camping mattress
  • 30 Aug 2016
Coolbuddy suggestions in purchasing a camping mattress are

1) Will it provide enough separation from the ground?

Yes, but depends on the sleepers comforts;

2) Is it soft or firm enough for me?

Depend on sleepers

3) How comfortably will I sleep on warm or cool nights?

In Summer, we suggest use Coolbuddy cool mattress to keep you cool all night long.

In Winter, you can use sleeping bags. Also Coolbuddy has the Warming mattress for winter.

4) Is it long and wide enough for me to sleep on?

Pls choose the suitable size tents and mattress for yourself.

5) How much room will it take up inside the tent?

It depends on how many stuff you will bring to the tent.

6) How does it inflate or expand?

Some mattress or bags can be inflated by air naturally.

Some mattress must be inflated by machine.

Coolbuddy mattress require no inflation at all. The water will flow within the mattress keeping you cool or warm all night long.

7) How much does it weigh?

Better less than 5kgs.  Coolbuddy mattress and machine weight only 3kgs with portable box and battery.

8) How small does it pack?

A cornor of your car trunk.

9) Will it hold my sleeping bag in place?

10) How durable is it?

At least 3-5 years no replacement.

11) Is it waterproof?


12) Do I prefer a ground level (1" to 9") or a raised/elevated (16" to 22") sleeping surface?

It depends on the sleeping habbits you have usually.

13) Can I sleep comfortably with a partner on it?


Getting a good night's rest in a tent is important to having a good camping experience with Coolbuddy cool mattress in your tent.

Fortunately, campers have a variety of choices for sleeping comfortably in a tent...

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