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Coolbuddy warming mattress is a new home health care and physical therapy priduct. This product is designed according to the advanced principle of the semiconductor to be warm, and has many national invention patents. The circulating water is heated by the semiconductor PTC at 300W while temperature keeping at only 5W.

The temperature control is achived by pulse width modulation, microcomputer temperature control system which has the features of automatic temperature control, high temperature protection, power off when water is shortage, alarming when no water, memory function, timing shutdown, overvoltage protection, water and electricity separation etc. 

The temperature can be regulated according to human body's needs from 25℃~60℃.

Coolbuddy water warming mattress is much better than electric blanket in terms of power consumption. It runs at only 5W.

Coolbuddy water warming mattress is also a very safe mattress/pad because of only 12V DC power input.

Compared with other heating bed mattress or bad pads, Coolbuddy is relatively more environmental friendly (no radiation), energey saving( 5W only), more safe ( low voltage input), more healthy ( water circulation promote the body metablolism of human body).


How the water warming or heating mattress works?

Model: CB-W-1 water heating pad

Rated Voltage: 220V 

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Power for thermostating: 5W ( keep your bed warm at very low power consumption in winter)

Power for warming: 300W

Noise:  ≤30dB  ( you can sleep quietly)

Other function: Timing ( 12 hrs )

Water Tank: 2.3 L 

Display: LED


Product Material: ABS, PVC mattress

Machine Size: 190*110*250mm

Mattress Size: Single 160*70CM

                   Double: 160*140CM

Package Size:  32.5*25*25cm

Power-off Protection for water shortage:  YES

Overcurrent Protection: Yes

High Tempperature Protection: Yes

Just sleep quietly, sleep warmly by Coolbuddy water heating pad machine.. It's beyond your imagination....

A remoted controlled water heating pad is your best choice for winter warm keeping.

PVC warming padis made of 4 layers pressed mattress without water pipes inside.. the bed mattress is very suitable, natural, healthy and comfortable to the human skin.

Your warm winter starts from the warm bed by Coolbuddy water warming, heathing pad...

Your healthy warm keeping mattress pad in winter...

Your energy saving warm keeping pad for winder is by Coolbuddy...  forget about the electric blanket...

Coolbuddy,  a very portable water warming mattress pad for your home, your families.

Why use Coolbuddy smart water warm mattress?

1.safe solution for warm

2.effective warming

3.Cost effective/power saving/environmental solution

4.mobile battery for power breakdown

5.no radiation and good for healthy

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