Water warming mattress
Coolbudddy water mattress:A healthier life is waiting for you!

Aug 23 2017

Coolbuddy changes the way of people's life.

With Coolbuddy,you won't get hard to fall asleep or wake up from dreams because of hotness any more.

As the water circulation system works well on the mattress,all you feel is the cooling effect and the relaxing from the nervous temperature.Coolbuddy offer you a sound sleep environment.

With Coolbuddy ,you won't worry about the sharp increase of electricity bill when summer comes any more.

Instead of the air fans or air conditioners working at 50~3000w,Coolbuddy works at 6w only and consumes the electricity 1kw per week.

With Coolbuddy,you will help to reduce the green house effect and protect the ozone sphere from now on.

Coolbuddy can not only save money but save energy for you ,which can be the resources for the whole mankind and the sustainale development of our earth.

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