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Coolbuddy CB-C-1 mattress is a new high technical patented healthy sleeping products. With the heat absorption and evaporation of water by main unit, 

the Coolbuddy mattress/pad continuously taking away the temp. by water circulation and evaporation btw body and mattress/pad achieving the constant cooling around the body for whole night good sleeping. 

It can be widely used in outdoor camping or picnic, students dormitory without A/C, homebed or baby bed for healthy, power saving and enviromental friendly used.  

This portable, fashionable, low consumption, enviromental friendly mattress is warmly welcome in global market. here are some specs:

CB-C-1 Data

Input voltage AC90~240V
Working voltage DC12V(very safe)
Rated frequency
Rated power w (1kw per week)
Cooling Noise 40Db(quietly)
Timing range 1~9hours
Gear range 1~4 level



How Anion works

How to use Coolbuddy mattress as tent mattress, please watch the video as below,



If you feel hot in a house without air conditioner, pls try Coolbuddy cool mattress.

If you want to cool yourself healtily, try Coolbuddy.

If you want to sleep deeper, cooler and fuller, try Coolbuddy.

If you want to save money on your Air-conditioning bill, try Coolbuddy.

If you want to deal with your night sweat problem, try Coolbuddy.

Coolbuddy works for everyone that wants a cooler more comfortable night of sleep. 

Coolbuddy... it consumes only 1KW per week under 24 hrs operation. What are you waiting for? Come on...

It is also remote controlled unit....

Pls dont hesitate to contact us if any enquiry.

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