Water warming mattress

Q:    What’s the MOQ & delivery time?

Answer : 500 sets/MOQ;   45 days for 1*40HQ delivery;

Q:   What’s the power of machine ?

Answer: 6 Watts, means only 1 kw per week under 24 hours working per day.

Q: Do you have a mobile power?

Answer: You can use mobile battery(Full power supports 10 hrs).

Q: What is the material of the Coolbuddy mattress?

Answer: PVC which is environmental.

Q: How should I repack my Coolbuddy mattress?

Answer: You must release and drain all the water inside the mattress before repacking into the box.

Q:  How cool can we get from coolbuddy?

Answer: It gets your body 5-8 degree cooler than the environment temperature.

Q: Does it have much noise when it is working?

Answer: only have 30 dbs, imagine a PC is working.

Q:  Is coolbuddy safe when it is powered on?

Answer:  Yes, it is safe cause only 12 Voltage when it is working.

Q:  How can I marketing the Coolbuddy?

Answer: You can marketing it online or with offline stores( outdoor equips, home bedroom stores etc.)

Q: How long shall I input the water?

Answer: Usually 2 days per tank of 1.7 L. And the extra water bag will make it larger capacity.

Q: How long shall I clean the plant fiber mesh in the machine?

Answer: 1 time per month

Q:  What is the maximum loading weight for Coolbuddy mattress?

Answer: 150 KGS

Any more other questions, please drop mail to info@mycoolbuddy.com. Your letter will be responded within 24 hrs.

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