Water warming mattress
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COOLBUDDY   water cooling mattress,  the best and hottest pets bed cool pads 2017....

CB-C-1 Data

Input voltage AC90~240V
Working voltage DC12V(very safe)
Rated frequency
Rated power w (1kw per week)
Cooling Noise 40Db(quietly)
Timing range 1~9hours
Gear range 1~4 level


Available mattress sizes: 

Single: 0.7 x 1.6 m

Double: 1.4 x1.6 m 

Power Saving & safe  

6W, 12V, 1KW/1 week, no worry about the power bills and safety of your pets

Mobile power available, no worry about the power shortage

pet cooling pad mattress mat

Just imagine your pets can sleep on a water cooling mattress in hot summer 


Yes, Coolbuddy mattress can help your pets out from hot. 


2017 hottest pets bed mattress patented by Coolbuddy

dog pad mat

Moisturizing & Purifying

Anion & hydrone  

How Anion works  

1- Improve lung function:+ 20% oxygen,-14.5% CO2

2- Activate the enzyme , better metabolism

3- Activate the endothelium system, better immunity

4- Ease the autonomic nerve, better sleep

5- Dedusting & purifying the air

6- Sterilization

7- Neutralize the radiation from home appliances

8- Improve the allergies body, help bronchitis, the upper respiratory tract inflammation & emphysema


summer cooling pet pad mat

Contact:  info@mycoolbuddy.com

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      Pets cool pad with water inside only 6W power
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